Digital Impressions

Here at NorthStar Dental, we utilize time tested technology to provide you with the most comfortable dental appointment possible. For almost all of our crown cases, we will scan your teeth with our Sirona Omnicam scanner, eliminating the need for goopy impressions that you’re used to. Whether we make your crown here, or send the digital impression to a lab, you can rest assured that the days of inconvenient impressions are behind us!

One problem with traditional impressions was the possibility of the impression becoming distorted when being removed from the mouth, during the shipping process, or during the process of turning the impression into stone to create the crown.

Digital impressions eliminate all of these potential errors since the camera simple scans the teeth in their realtime state and we don’t have to worry about errors accidently being introduced in the process.

If we scan your teeth and send it to a lab, the lab receives your case immediately and beings working on the crown, meaning your time in a temporary can often be cut to less than 1 week.

If we scan your teeth and make your crown here in the office, we can typically have you out the door with your permanent crown in less than 90 minutes from the time you arrive. To see our other comprehensive dentistry services, click here.